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Horoscopes weekend of Mhoni Vidente

The seer of the famous tells you what will fate have in store for today.

By Gisselle Acevedo Friday 29 September 2017

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The seer of the famous, Mhoni Seer, as is customary, he released his predictions for this weekend; we bring it to you so that you know that is what the future holds according to your zodiac sign.


Day of be with a lot of work or end of the month. Remember that your sign dominates the be the boss or leader of where he works that is why it is very important that you focus. Avoids buying things that are not going to use, you need to manage your economy.

The Aries who are in a relationship comes a proposal of marriage or live in partner. For those who are still single tend to meet people of the signs Leo, Sagittarius, or Capricorn. Don’t loan money because they’re not going to return, it is better to say I don’t have and avoid a lawsuit later. This first day of October, ignites a candle and white licensed apparel, a pair of trousers or a shirt for that entire month is full of abundance.

Try not to get ahead of the problems, resuélvelos when you have them in front of you. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 04, 21, and 13.


Weekend of to be with all the encouragement of being someone in life and to be with all the good energies around you, just try not to talk about your personal plans so that they don’t come out. Follow the exercise that helps you release the stress that you accumulate. Beware of the loss or theft and tries to be more cautious in the streets. Help your dad in a situation of disease.

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This day October 1, ignite a candle of white color and take a bath with cinnamon so that you have abundance throughout the month. Try not to insist to that person that doesn’t like you, learn not to be so stubborn and already close that circle of love. You’ll have a stroke of luck the day Sunday with the numbers 00, 32 and 16, combine it with your day of birth to personalize your luck.


This October 1, I recommend lighting a candle yellow and put a ribbon of the same color in the left ankle, tied with three knots; déjatelo until it falls only. This will help you to reign abundantly throughout the month.

The 29 will be a day very complicated business so try not to argue or get into problems that are not yours. You get a proposal to put a business on the weekends, you accept it.

Remember a lot a love from the past or you will be past gossip that person will leave you very thoughtful, tries to forget that part of your life and move forward.

Manage your home or you decide to paint, remember that your sign is always making improvements. For Gemini singles will be a few days of a lot of fun. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 88, and 61.


Weekend of a lot of togetherness with your family and partner, remember that your sign will always like to be surrounded by the people who want them.

The 29 September will be a day of many emotions sentimental, that means that you’ll have the proposal return with a love from the past, or offer you a formal relationship. Careful with what you eat, follow a more healthy diet.

You are invited to go on a trip next week. Try to be aware of your card payments or receipts of home. I recommend on this first day light a candle and red that you put holy water in the back of the neck and the forehead for that is the fate of your side. You’ll have a stroke of luck the date is October 1, with the numbers 04, 21, and 17. Try adding your day of birth for that you customise your luck.


This September 29th is a day of many activities of work and personal, so try from the morning to be with all the good attitude for all you out of the best. You will know of the marriage of a friend.

You are invited to a field day or to do exercise outdoors, remember that your sign is the Lion of the Zodiac, and that it is always thinking to be free, that is why it is very difficult to have a single, loving couple.

I recommend this 1 October light a candle and white that you have to wear something silver to reign abundance throughout the month. You’ll have a stroke of luck this Saturday with the numbers 54, 33 and 71. Try not to take too much alcohol at parties, to not have gut issues or ulcers. The Sunday invite you to a movie or out to eat with a new love.


Weekend be renewing your personal documents or be ordering the stationery to government. Remember that you always need to be up to date with your documentation, because it is always going to need it.

This September 29th is a day of hard work or of being in close of the month. Give you money that you did not expect or pay you overtime. Already do not think about what was not in your love life, remember to close that circle and get to know people more compatible with you. You comes an invitation to go on a trip next week.

The Virgo that they are married, try to give more moral support to your partner because you will have health problems. October 1, ignites a candle red and put on new underwear red or blue, so that you have more abundance throughout the month. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 31, 22, and 98.

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Weekend to re-invent itself and give you start to the best time of this year for you which is the month of October. This September 29th is the day to start on a new project at work, or get better organized.

The positive energies are going to be on your side, so try to take advantage of them to make a statement in your job performance and thus to assign a new position with better pay. Do not give so much heed to gossip or bad comments that make you, remember that your sign is the most charismatic and that makes that you’ll always have envy.

Still with the diet this weekend. Festejas this Saturday your birthday, just try not to bring together lovers from the past. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 30th of September, with the numbers 03, 22 and 18. October 1, lights one candle, red, and bathe yourself with flowers that have a lot of abundance throughout the month.


Today, you’ll be a little stressed by the seals last time or for an audit. File it a credit to cart on this day, you are invited to a family party and manage your kitchen or bathroom in your home.

Remember that your sign loves the decor or the live well. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 99, 24 and 3, is to combine it with your day of birth.

This first day I recommend lighting a candle, white and wearing clothes of strong colors to attract more abundance throughout the month of October.

You are invited to take a course or conference on quality and performance in your daily life, take it, remember that it makes you grow more in the professional. In love you will continue with your current partner, but be careful, not to the neglect. Take into account that the love is nourished details.


Weekend put more attention to your personal life remember that you are in the perfect time to renew yourself physically and mentally to begin a diet and exercise regime, remember that as you come you are treated, and more, because your sign is dominated by the vanity, so try to keep in shape always.

This day one lights one candle blue and wear a lot of perfume after you bathe so that you have abundance throughout the month. Saturday partying with friends. You seek a love of the past for reclamarte, try not to argue and to close that circle.

To the Sagittarians who are single will have the good fortune to meet in this weekend’s people of the signs of Aries, Taurus or Leo. Your lucky numbers are 31, 22 and 87.


Weekend of to be with a lot of luck in everything related to loves new, especially with the signs of Pisces, Gemini or Virgo are going to be your ideal partner. Remember not to give so much from the beginning, because the love is not purchased, is given.

Today is going to be a hard day’s work or be planning tasks of your college career. Be careful with your money, be more organized with your purchases. You are invited to go on a trip for the month of November with your friends.

I recommend that this first day of October garments a candle of white color, and have clothing inside of white color, it is going to help you to have more abundance in the entire month. Try not to fight so much, or leave a little bit of that character so bipolar with others and learn to be more patient.

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Weekend of many parties or events, remember that you’ll always be the guest ideal to the meetings by your charisma and your way to be so helpful, so to buy clothes that have at these events.

Take care of your ankles and feet, try not to fall or walk with more care. No longer talk about both your personal affairs, remember that not all are as good as you and in turn help with a good advice will hit you with his bad energy. Purchasing a gift for a friend.

This October 1, ignite a candle of red color and wear a red ribbon in the right ankle, tied with three knots, and there leave it until it falls only, as you will see throughout the month you will have a lot of luck in all that you set out to do.

A love leaves your life, try to resign yourself and get to know more people compatible with you. You’ll have a stroke of luck this Sunday with the numbers 07, 14, and 31.


Weekend of a lot of living with your partner or family. Don’t be afraid of the challenges or the ambition to be someone in this life, remember that your sign is two fish found, that on the one hand, you are very strong and fearless, and on the other you are cautious and hesitant.

You are in your growth period and you’ll see that you’ll get to where you want it. With your partner still very stable and already think about getting married or forming a household. You give away a pet, this day first I recommend lighting a candle of blue, wear a lot of perfume and wear underwear of blue color or white so that you have more abundance in your life.

The Pisces who are single will come a love of the same sign or a Gemini. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 21, 33 and 77, is to combine it with your day of birth.



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