FIRST EDITION : The «seer» of the case the City, on national TV … – First Edition

It was the production of the news show “Telenoche”, which was broadcast by Channel 13 of Buenos Aires, who traveled especially to St. Vincent and met with the minor, 14 years of age, who assured and ensures that the fatal victim appeared to him to tell him how and by whom they had murdered, such as the FIRST EDITION published in exclusive on Monday, January 23rd.

“I was at the wake, I went to the bathroom and when I stood up to wash my face, it touched me. Told Me that please help. I asked her how and then she explained to me. I was desperate,” said the teenager before the microphones in the middle of the capital.

The less said that before you go to the bathroom I felt “like something that I wore, telling me to go to the bathroom” and, in the visions that he had, he said that the City “put me in your place; I felt how he was being beaten. I told him that yes, that was going to help.”

As was published in this Journal, the child was transferred in shock to the Hospital Samic San Vicente, and in the night, again see to have a new supernatural encounter. “In the morning we went to connect, I asked her please to leave me. I wanted to talk to me, but I couldn’t, because I was going to end up killing”, told about the fear that invaded her view of the situation.

About the young man killed, said that in the visions scared her. “The way that I spoke and the way he looked. It was as I am now seeing you. It was real,” he told the reporter about the encounter.

Finally, the teenager said that she’s afraid to go back to having visions but, in addition, “to be called crazy. He asked me to see that justice is done, I already helped you”.

Diego the City was shot in the face at kilometer 968 of the national route 14, nine miles south of St. Vincent. In the beginning it was delayed a former spouse of his mother, but everything changed in the middle of the wake, when the “seer” was presented to the authorities and narrated the visions that he had.

These testimonies were corroborated later, when the girlfriend of the now single stopped, broke and said at police headquarters that he had seen the young man return to his house with a gun in hand. It was the same suspect targeted by the City in the alleged visions.

That boy, 19, is arrested and charged for “manslaughter simple”, in a case investigated by the magistrate Gerardo Helmet, holder of the magistrate Court 3, St. Vincent.


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FIRST EDITION : The "seer" of the case the City, on national TV ... - First Edition 1

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