Device will help blind people to use the bus or taxi – Newspaper La República (Costa Rica)

An electronics engineer has created a device that through alarm sound and vibration will help the blind people to identify if the bus, taxi or means of transport that you need is located nearby.

Dianovi (device, alarm for blind people) works via a transmitter and a receiver, where the first is placed on the bus route, which emits a message that is picked up by the receiver that handles the user not the seer.
The notice which transmits the bus arrives to the device and makes it vibrate as a warning signal, in addition to passing the signal through a voice synthesizer that tells the user through headphones or a loudspeaker, which is the bus that is approaching.
“The device receives the signal to 80 feet away, so that the person has enough time to react and to learn that the transport delay is next to come”, explained Danilo Salas, an electronic engineer who developed the solution.
The communication between both devices works at the frequency band of 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz) that is used by the medical industry and research, and that by their characteristics do not receive interference from other bands of communication to broadcast the message to an estimated distance.
The wireless device used by people who are blind weighs less than 300 grams and comfort it can be worn as a shoulder bag, also has an internal rechargeable battery of 2,600 milliamp, which can work for up to 22 days with a single charge.
According to the developer, the versatility of the system in addition to helping to identify lines of buses, allows you to use it to find locations or other types of transportation.
The emitter can be placed at the door of any building, public institution, bank or establishment to submit the name of the place at a certain distance.
Taxi drivers can put in the units and indicate through the transmitter that the vehicle is free for non-seers to receive the message on the device.
“If several means of transport or institutions use system of transmission, the person is not sighted you will receive the signal closest to the strongest is the one that will communicate with the receiver because this does not discriminate”, explained Salas.
The proposal was presented to a bus company on the Homeless and to certain representatives of taxi drivers that showed interest in the system, and could implement it as a help to the society.
“The Law 7600 equality of opportunities for persons with disabilities does not indicate that they should implement a system like this and because of this legal vacuum, companies that decide to implement what would be on a theme of solidarity and social service,” said Danilo Salas.
To be implemented in the main lines of buses and means of public transport, would benefit around 251 thousand people who suffer from vision problems, according to data from INEC.


The goal of the system is to make it easier for the person who is blind recognize whether the bus route or means of public transport that you need is located nearby.

Name Dianovi

Communication Wireless

Device Messages to 80m away

Use means of transport, establishments, institutions


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