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Or Jenni Rivera ni Juan Gabriel have been able to rest in peace, » said Ramses, the seer, during his visit to Wake up America, ensuring that you not only communicate with their spirits, but they can also express what is troubling them through it.

«When I close my eyes I try to listen to him, when my voice me changing them, its energy», he started explaining to Karla Martinez and Alan Tacher on the contact that says they have with people who died without closing a cycle.

When he was asked about what might worry John Gabriel, Ramses seer began by stating that the singer is upset with Silvia Urquidi, who was his friend and says he was in debt to him. Also said feel concern for your family and especially for his son Ivan, who could have the enemy close.

«I’m very concerned for Ivan, and especially Simona. He is very concerned because it says that there is darkness, santeria or witchcraft they are doing to the family. Be very careful when driving, because you are not going to have an accident very strong», he warned.

On the way in which Juan Gabriel want you to remember, Ramses, the seer said that the singer is not interested to talk about their sexuality, and that what you want is to sing their songs.


«He was not fired and she wants you to give a minute of applause and Eternal Love», he said.

With regard to ‘The Diva of the Band’, Ramses, the seer explained that the singer was sad and very disappointed. It also gave strong statements on the issue that distanced itself from Jenni of Chiquis, who said he has already forgiven.

Jenni Rivera had a huge anger before his death, according to Ramses the seer /Univision


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