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With the purpose of addressing comprehensively the needs of the population not sighted in the country, the students of the course Workshop of Audiovisual Education of the Pedagogy Department of the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón developed multiple innovation projects using the system Constanz.

This tool uses colour as a system of universal language, which transforms an abstract concept into one particular.

“The plastic works created by our students, are stimulants that can be appreciated both by means of the touch, and visually. The method Constanz works by assigning a specific way to the primary colors, the white and the black for encoding. During the first exhibition we visited Luis Felipe Passalacqua, sculptor puerto rican is not a seer. The artist was so excited to admire with his hands in the mural Miró, Matisse, Picasso and Klee in the language of the color that you touch,” said the professor of Pedagogy Edna Roman.

In the system Constanz red is represented with the forms, pointed to the fire; while the yellow are straight lines like the rays of the sun and the blue is a wavy line like the waves of the sea. The mixture of these forms, leaving the secondary colors, and tertiary which, in turn, can be clarified by adding the black represented by a point or by the white represented by a ring.

“Inclusion is a matter of social justice. This method is an additional tool for the integration of students to the educational environment. The system is practical and tangible; it helps to integrate people with visual disabilities. For this reason, it has been integrated into various disciplines in different countries of America and Europe. We are the only venue in the country that teaches and educates about aspects of this system,” said professor Maria Gonzalez Resende, Director of the Department of Pedagogy of the UPR Bayamón.

The method Contanz emerged in the year 2009, created by Constanza Bonilla, a colombian artist.


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