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Mhoni Seer is a psychic, clairvoyant and «talker» of the media and began his career in the media in 2009 via his personal blog. Their powers originated in Cuba, after he dropped a beam that pierced the body on the 13th day of may 1989.

While he was unconscious, the Seer said that he dreamed that he was going to a very dark place, similar to a large cave, full of people and demons.

But it should be noted, that the seer has a clear goal and is to become the first woman to occupy the presidential chair and rule Mexico.

«I’m going to create a party, because I postularé independently, it is called Social Movement of Salvation to Mexico or I will seek to make a Common Front Citizen, in which all will be invited to approach with the aim of changing Mexico,” said the Seer, as he recounted that on the portal published its request for citizens to support their movement.

The seer said that has nothing to do with sexual diversity, because that is postulated as a citizen mexican without mentioning a sexual preference, or politics and pointed out that his interest is to achieve the welfare of the aztec country.

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