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The seer Carmen Briceño took their cards «Love, Love, Love» and revealed that Isabel Acevedo would have done witchcraft to Christian Dominguez.

Also, he confessed that before we knew the relationship between Christian Dominguez and dancer, she would have advance to Karla Tarazona what was to come. Even assured the former spouse of the cumbiambero was in shock.

But their predictions were not there. Carmen Briceño said that would come between Christian Domínguez and Isabel Acevedo and not everything would be pink.

«I see disease, which may be an accident or a collision is very strong and is that karma exists. I don’t I’m looking forward to the evil because I don’t have anything against it (…) now, If you ask me as a seer, I can tell you that she is going to pay for what she has done«.

The seer also prefix a future pregnancy, although a terrible situation would end up happening. «In addition there is a pregnancy with an obstacle, it can be a waste. Will appear another woman in the life of Christian. She is going to suffer a lot. 2017 that relationship dies.»[youtube


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