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Bernardo «Bebi» Lezcano awaiting patient on the access of radio San Pedro the arrival for the interview scheduled. The radio man proves to be a good host and walk behind one for the hallway that leads to the room of locution.

There starts the conversation, in which he recounts how he became a radio operator, announcer and director of Fm San Pedro 87.9 despite being a person with a visual disability. Among other stories, tells how he began “the parlanteada”, the raffle for the betting community, his service club, the caring of the traders in the Market 4 and the ups and downs of a person who is blind in the streets of Asuncion.

“Julia Pereira was called a wedding that I sang a song called “Baby, i love you”. Then he called me “Baby”. As people struggled to pronounce “beibi” after that, he began to call me “Bebi” when I was 18 years old,” said Lezcano to The Nation.

Its beginnings

“Bebi” he started his career as an announcer at Radio Asunción in 1982 as an amateur with prominent speakers of the time such as Carlos Penayo, Bernardo Nery Fariña and Valentín Gómez of the Source.

Then was doing experience at several radio stations until 2006, the year in which the traders of the populous commercial centre elected him as director of Fm San Pedro. “I Atyrá Fm, Metropolis Fm, I made jokes with Perlita Fernandez on Radio March 1, and on National Radio, I will accompany Carlitos Vera,” said Lezcano.

The announcer leads a radio program called “Polkete to full”, in full nap, from 12:00 until 14:00, space where broadcast music from paraguay. There, “Bebi” makes it sound to the songs that you want since it is also its own radio operator.

Radio operator and announcer

“The management console and find the knobs, I use pendrive and cd. I choose the songs using the headset. I also have my disco and I do animation service for weddings and 15 years. It’s called ‘Bebi Disk Show’. This Saturday I have a wedding in J. Augusto Saldivar,” he said.

The radio started broadcasting a signal since 2000. Market traders 4 were the owners up to that for different reasons were not able to continue running the station. Then they thought of “Bebi”, the man that promoted deals at different stores.

“I’m a professional, but I did not study, I did just that. In 2006 I was appointed director of the radio and in 2008 I got the license from Conatel to be of medium range. The radio happened to my name. We have 12 programs on the air and transmit them to the 68 neighbourhoods of Asunción,” he said.

Invented the parlanteada

In addition to his great career, Bebi claims to be the inventor of the raffle for betting and pioneer in promoting the offerings of the retail stores located in the populous commercial center through the “parlanteada”, which was her springboard to get to the locution of radio.

“I used the megaphone to offer merchandise, so I offered to do voiceovers. Create the parlanteada in the Market 4 in 1982. We started promoting the deals with the drivers with the mic in hand, and on the street. After I copied, but I keep doing it,” explained Lezcano.

“Bebi” clarifies that hold the radio charging the minimum to meet the costs of telephone, Internet and room rental. “From the radio » we help people because they ask collaboration for their family members interned, or people who want to sell their things on auction”, he said “Bebi”.

The way in the dark

“Bebi” he lost his sight due to glaucoma at the age of 23, a disease which he suffered from birth and who started treatment at 6 years. In total went through 12 surgeries until he lost his sight completely.

“It’s like the high pressure in the eyes. It was not of impact because it was not sudden. I was off the view. I distinguish when it dawns I have this vision of clarity. To the people that don’t want to see just don’t see,” he says without losing his sense of humor.

The radio man made it clear that in the Market 4 know a large part of the vendors that will help you navigate its streets and corridors when he goes armed with his white cane. “In the collective is the drama. The seat designated for the blind and handicapped is always busy, but tells the driver no one gives”, said, “Bebi”.

Recognizes that another drawback for the non-sighted are the cars parked on the sidewalks. I have no problem because I already have experience, but for non-visionaries who are starting to ride alone yes. For accompanying persons also should take the seat,” he said.

“I drank it” ensures that defends itself only in the street, but that your daughter helps you to take the bus to go from his house located in the vicinity of the Terminal to the Market 4. “ I say to the people that help me to climb in such a collective. In Assumption at least, I’m not going to lose. Even in Buenos Aires I got to go alone,” he said.

The future of radio

“I believe that the listeners will always be with me. The audience helped”, said, “Bebi”, who confessed that his dream is that the radio obtained the license to become a radio purely commercial. Last Thursday, radio San Pedro he served 17 years on the air and celebrated big with your 20 speakers in a “cuchipanda”, as he said “Bebi”.

“It is a very important achievement for me and the people who work with me. I am encouraged a lot. All those who do the programming here, carry on. Osmar Garelik is the operator that makes everything for everyone. The hand witch of the harp had before, he has the hand witch of the console” said “Bebi”.

“Radio San Pedro there is room for all styles, here sounds popular music. More tropical that is consumed more in the market 4. Also the paraguayan polka. The boys also go through the music that they want to as argentine rock, retro, vallenato, from all styles of music pass,” he said finally.

Bebi, the “one man band” not a seer of the radio in the Market 4 - The Nació 1


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