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The well-known seer, Marcelo Acquistapace is braided in a battle of clarividencias in front of a group of about psychics and tarotistas, about the fate that would have run Monica Rivero, a player of casino, which was regular customer of Conrad, who disappeared February 13.

A group of «psychics» that advises relatives of the woman see that she is dead and that his body could be found on the campus of Roosevelt Park, as indicated in a report released two days ago a journalist Underlined.

However, Acquistapace called it «nonsense» that statement, in statements made to Montevideo Portal.

He continues to see Monica Rivero alive, and hidden somewhere.

When you think of the woman, he feels «the tinkling of the slot machines».

Acquistapace ensures that is alive and that it changed the color of the hair and the glasses. He also believes that you would be living in a city, «intermediate» (between Punta del Este and Montevideo), such as Atlantis or Pando, in a dwelling «that has gutters on the side», as described.

The seer said to The Country that women would have in their possession «an identity card that did not belong to him».

What Police do know, by applying scientific techniques, is that Monica Rivero, her husband and two of his brothers were gamblers VIP main casino of Punta del Este, according to the records of customers of the business.

On the other hand, the researchers are trying to find out if there is any link between a complaint filed by the company Lestido, where Smith worked, and the shortfall of almost $ 200,000 of the accounts of the firm. The woman had access to the money.

In the context of those disagreements visions, Acquistapace said he felt bad because the family of the missing not told him the whole truth when you underwent your consultation.

«I was told that it was a laburante without vices and that all the world loved,» she said.

The attorney for the family of Rivero, Fabiana Gonzalez Raggio, argues that the first input on the fate of the woman came a group of three visionaries who work together as a team. A tarot reader independent, whose name is not provided, is joined by that hypothesis.

Gonzalez Raggio admitted that in a first time, the family consulted Acquistapace, who told them that the woman is alive and that he «plays in a casino for a living».

Later, the seer decided to withdraw from the case after noting that it was consulting other «experts» (in quotation marks, as he expressed it).

When something happened more than a month of the disappearance of the woman, Acquistapace is maintained in its vision. «I do not generated detachment, which means that he was not deceased. He was as it were hidden in a place, and then gave a few references, which I listened to the passage of a route,» said the mentalist to Montevideo Portal.

«What strikes me the most is that I see her blonde and with glasses of celestial color,» she said.

Acquistapace said that the seen playing in the arcade in any town of the interior. «I feel like every day is a stimulus associated with the slot machines. I get the feeling that he was pulling out something silver to go on living».

Fernando Rivero, the brother of the missing, told The Country that, due to the extension of the Roosevelt Park family is looking for «expert eyes» who cooperate with the rakes.

Attorney Gonzalez Raggio confirmed to The Country that had organized a second search for today, but was suspended, due to that individuals that had been offered-sniffing dogs determined not to bring them.

In both, the mystery about the fate of Monica Rivero remains unclear. Or about psychics, nor the police, have been given with her.

Three decades, providing data from the mind.

The mentalist Marcelo Acquistapace 28 years ago, that participates in the localization of missing people, and providing data in cases of criminal investigations. In his blog he points out that he collaborated in cases such as the disappearance of Natalia Martínez (2007), air crash in the River of the Silver (2007), murder of Paula Iglesias (2005), disappearance of Ana Paula Graña (2000), and the murder of Ana Louise Miller and Mary Victoria Williams in 1993, among others.


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